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What is Ptolemy?

Ptolemy is the Online Community Engine, the web service that allows to create web based community. Using the web interface anyone can create a site around some interest in minutes.

At first glance: Ptolemy for community owners

At first glance: Ptolemy for users

Ptolemy site looks great on every device


For community owners:

  • Custom design, titles, categories
  • Custom footer and header
  • Custom Rules, FAQs, and About page
  • Custom or independent domain
  • Search systems will find your pages easily

For community users:

  • Create great posts
  • Create articles, blogs, news, and questions
  • Comment and rate
  • Report about abusive, spam, non-informative posts
  • Great search by keywords, categories, item types, tags



  • All the settings
  • Up to 5 communities
  • No custom domains

$7 / month

  • All the settings
  • Up to 20 communities
  • 2 custom domains